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Welcome to my shop and please look for that perfect piece for yourself or gift for someone.  

NiNa G Designs is my personal passion, outlet and baby.  I began by making small leather talismans for my young son to help him focus in school.   I then realized that I could make my own leather jewelry.  That ended up leading me into resin and then eventually into clay.  I am passionate about my jewelry being fun, pretty, versatile and most of all affordable.  I always have some very classic pieces that are so versatile they can be for a day out, work or a night on the town.  I love to have fun and beutiful accessories, but it is ridiculous to me that we should spend a ton of money on them.  Especially trendy looks that are always changing.  

I also do custom work for a small additional fee, but you have the ability to personalize or customize any of my peices you see.  


Thanks for supporting my small business!



fort worth, tx

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